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Jajce – what to visit?

Jajce is usually a passage station. If you are traveling to Krajina, Bihać or Banja Luka. Or an association on waterfalls. Jajce has to offer you many things.

It can boast that it is the only city in the world that has a true gift of nature in the center, a waterfall. There is more than a national monument.

We will present you some of the reasons why you should consider spending one weekend in Jajce and familiarize yourself with the history of this place that is back down decades.

Jajce is a place that offers an abundance of greenery and peace. Although it is becoming more and more popular for international tourists, there are many places where you can enjoy the greenery of the forest and water. The landscape itself is quite interesting and nothing is far away. From the city center you can also walk to the lakes or find a point where you will enjoy the panorama.

Surrounded by water. Green hour with blue sky. River, old fountains, lakes. It is especially desirable to go to Pliva Lakes. If you prefer a more active life, you can rent a boat or pedal and sail with clear water. In the summer time the lakes are ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

On the banks of the Pliva Lakes there is a complex of small mills with tithes of small streams running below them. Nearby is also a decorated pair with benches, summer bar, greenery, fresh air, ducks. Just sitting and enjoying this scene will be enough for a whole day.

Jajce is a royal town, a motive for walking in its old part, where the remains of the Bosnian kingdom, the Ottoman Empire, preserved architecture, walls and cobblestones are intertwined. There are 29 national monuments in Jajce. You can also visit the museum and make great photos.

Jajce slowly becomes a place recognizable by summer jumps to the lake. In fact, this also becomes an international sensation. Record a date and be part of a spectacle. For tourists from all over the world this is already the story they want to see live.

In case you think these reasons are little motivated or too superficial, then that is for sure the reason you go and visit this city.

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