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Vrelo Bosne (Spring of river Bosna)

In the proximity of Ilidža there is a monument of nature called “Spring of Bosna River” (bos. Vrelo Bosne), which comes through the three and a half kilometer long centuries alley of platinum and chestnuts.

Great alley, planted until 1894 with a total of 726 maple trees and dozens of wild chestnut trees, is ideal place for walking, cycling and rolling, running…
It is a natural park with springs and sources, lakes and islets. The spring of Bosna River is a morphological, hydrological and botanical- horticultural phenomenon, one of the most beautiful places in Sarajevo and its surroundings.

In the scope of Vrelo Bosne there is also the main source of drinking water from the city of Sarajevo called Bačevo. This area, which covers an area of ​​603 hectares, is home for at least 26 different plant communities and 20 animal species, some of which are endemic. Small Bosna, a watercourse in which flows six sources from the area of ​​the Spring of Bosna River, is a habitat of an indigenous species of trout trout.

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