Village Lukomir is the top destination for rural tourism -

Village Lukomir is the top destination for rural tourism

Lukomir is located on the southern slopes of the mountain Bjelašnica at an altitude of 1,495 meters and is like a live ethno museum, in which the customs of the nomadic tribes are practiced and live the traditional life of the Dinaric cragsmans.

The village belongs to the Municipality of Konjic, and it can be reached from two directions – from Konjic and Sarajevo. From Konjic is about 30 kilometers away, while Lukomir is 45 kilometers away from Sarajevo.

This village is unique in stone houses covered with oak, fir and beech shimmer. The houses have a square base with a firebox in the middle, and on the stone walls there are small windows. The population of Lukomir originates from Podveležje, dry plateaus in Herzegovina.

The village has all the necessary infrastructure – telephone, electricity, water and sewage. It has its own cemetery, and in 1969, the locals built a mosque, which was renovated in 2014.

In Lukomir, he has been living seasonally for several years now. From May to October villagers are engaged in farming and cattle breeding, and in the winter they descend from the mountain, because then the village can not be accessed due to multi-course snow deposits.

Today Lukomir is the top destination for rural tourism.

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