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The vizier town of Travnik

Travnik is a city and the place of the homonymous municipality in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, 90 kilometers west of Sarajevo, also it is the capital city of the Central Bosnian county. It is known that it was the capital of Ottoman Viziers from 1686 to 1850, and its cultural heritage dates back to that period.

As with many Bosnian cities, Travnik’s tourism is largely based on history and geography. The nearby Vlasic mountain is one of the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, making it an excellent place for skiing, hiking and tobogganing.

Because tourism is not strong in the city, Vlasic is the main tourist attraction. The town of Travnik is also very interesting.Many buildings, originating from the Ottoman period, are well preserved, such as numerous mosques, oriental houses, clock towers, and street fountains. The old part of the city dates back to the early 15th century.

Blue water, Babanovac, Ugar, Old Town, Devečci are some of the many destinations in Travnik and the surrounding area, which you must visit. Gourmands of gastronomic pleasures must try the famous Vlasic or Travnik cheese, čevapi in one of the numerous čevabdžinica on the Žitarica, trout on Blue Water (Plava voda), and then Lutvin coffe.

There are few towns in BiH that can offer such a large number of cultural and historical monuments from the Middle Ages, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian periods in such a small space. Be sure to visit the Homeland Museum and Memorial House “Ivo Andrić’s Birth House“. The town of Travnik and its surroundings are homeowners and three endemic species: Travnik’s short-beaked pigeon, Vlasic’s pastoral dog Tornjak and Rose Brandis, rose without thorns growing on the slopes of Vlasic.