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Prokosko Lake

Prokosko Lake is a 1660 m altitude lake, located on the mountain Vranica, 22 km away from the center of Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The lake is distinguished by the endemic species of the Fisherman. The lake is surrounded by cattle huts and canyons and is part of an untouched nature.

This lake has been a tourist destination for many years. The lake is rich in trout and the habitat of a rare species of water triton is known. The lake is sprinkled with trout, and in the summer it is possible to enjoy a pleasant bath. Along the lake, they nestled in cattle huts where they can rest and get real local specialties (sheep cheese, kajmak, pie, bread under honey, blueberries and blackberries in the season, and others).

For those to whom Prokoško Lake was the only reason to meet, this vacation is an excellent choice because it offers all the comfit that is rarely found in the mountain. There are resting fishermen and mountaineers, and in general people with first unfavorable medical findings, have pointed out that something must be done with life. Something around the corner offers the possibility of camping, so often young people gather there, raise their camps and songs, cleanse themselves and disappear, which delights the silent fishermen who love the little trout, and I will never be clear how it works for them and I also saw such enthusiasts climbing the trees and from the crowns descending their flies to the surface of the river that was just sticking under the rocks, there was no rain for a long time, and the water is not what they should be, but again, what Jahorina and Bjelašnica gave for part of this heavenly hydroglyph on the Fojnica mountains, which Igman would give and the southern mountains to not even mention. Of course, the hiker is about to talk about the beauty he sees, but there are also less beautiful things that are not visible, because a man of hungry money neatly clogs his tracks, and even when I ride towards that fantastic lake I imagine this mighty pipe along the edge of the canyon, a fiberglass pipe laid out from the water catchment to the turbine house, made in a mountainous style and sheltered from the view by thick woods.

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