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Kravice Waterfalls

The most interesting natural features of the region are certainly the Waterfalls of Kravice, about 40 km away from Mostar.

The water of the Trebižat River at that place is dissolved and falling from a height of 30 meters creating a natural amphitheater of 150 meters wide, creating a natural show that reminds, naturally, to a much lesser extent, to the Niagara Falls.

In the summer, it is usually visited by rafting fans and locals, and is an ideal place for relaxation and fun in a natural unspoiled ambience with a constant sound of waterfall in the background.

Near the waterfall there is also a small cave where you can see stalactites of calcium carbonate, an old mill and a boat. River Trebižat also provides pleasant canoe excursions, organized by local experienced operators, in a length of 10 km and at a very reasonable price. This is not to be missed, because the frenetic rhythm of everyday life in this ambiance will only make you a distant memory.