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Ethno Village Herceg – Medjugorje

The beautiful and indigenous ambience of every visitor will leave breathless and the rural ambiance in which Herceg Ethno Village is built reminds of the life of the former Brotnjak. Within this complex there are ten accommodation units with a total capacity of 60 beds, and guests who choose to spend the night and stay at their disposal have a high comfort combined with traditional details, including an elegant restaurant with wine cellar and rich enogastronomic offer, souvenir shops with a large selection of handicrafts, mills, stables with domestic animals, amphitheater as the center of cultural events with a large multipurpose hall, as well as a beautiful chapel in the very center of the village.

With a restaurant with top-class service and gastronomic offer and the accompanying multipurpose hall, special attention is drawn to the arranged ethnographic collection, which presents the life of Herzegovina.

With Medjugorje, as a world-renowned religious and tourist destination, visited annually by millions of people from all over the world, Herceg Ethno Village is still one of the effective determinants of Brotherhood recognition that is not only a guarantee of the development of a tourist offer, but also the prosperity of the whole region.

There is a Stone House within the Village and it is planned for it to be a Museum. Everything in the House is arranged as it was over a hundred years ago, it is a witness to old times.

In and around the House there are many authentic objects and tools, typical of what was used in olden times in Herzegovina. Furniture, dishes, various tools, vehicles and decorations all give witness to the way of life of local families.