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Virgin forest – Perućica

Certainly the most valuable pearl in the series of natural treasures of the National Park Sutjeska is strictly protected reserve Perućica, one of the few preserved European virgin forest. It encompasses the whole basin of the namesake river, which flows through the central part of the forest. The area of reservation is about 1230 hectares.

It is oval shaped and has the elevation of about 980 metres. The protected area upper part altitude is 1648 m (Prijevor), and the lowest point (668 m) is the confluence of Perućica Creek with Sutjeska River. The length is 6 kms and the width is 3.5 kms.

Today it is considered the largest conserved virgin forest reservation in Europe. It contains the most beautiful specimens of beech, spruce, fir as well as countless species of virgin forest herbs.
The age of trees is up to several centuries and their height is 50 to 60 metres. A new life springs on the remains of cut down trees, which extends the life of these species.
The human love for authentic, natural beauties and values has overpowered  commercial aspect and preserved it for good, to a great pleasure of all untouched nature lovers. It is not allowed to cut down even diseased trees which fell due to the elements (avalanche, wind breakage, thunder etc.).

A waterfall named Skakavac (grasshopper) is in the very heart of the forest and is 75 metres in height – certainly one of the most attractive natural phenomena.
A view from Dragoš sedlo to Skakavac is memorable, a captivating sight that is a symbol of this landscape.

Perucica is a true natural treasure, one of the last preserved in Europe. Given that the forest is very dense, in some parts even impassable and protected, the visit is permitted only with the announcement and accompanying guide from the National Park Sutjeska.