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Travnik Fortress

The Travnik fortress is the most impressive fortress of Bosnia and Herzegovina of all time, which still exists and is best preserved of them all. It was built either at the end of the 14th century or at the beginning of the 15th century.

The Travnik fortress changed its name in its history. Garbun, a forgotten medieval name whose meaning is not reliable because it may originate from the extinct Illyrian language, or it is a word of Turkish descent signifying the fort on the hill.

The Austro-Hungarian monarchy names a fortress like Kastel or Kaštel, which is also indicated on their military maps.

The city was simply called the City, so that in 1953, on the incentive of Stipe Lozic, the director of the Travnik’s Regional Museum, for the purpose of putting fortresses into a tourist function, it was called the Old Town, as it is still known today.

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