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New restaurant “Vrelo Bosne”

The new restaurant “Vrelo Bosne” was officially opened in the presence of numerous guests and guests who could enjoy free food tasting.
The restaurant, which is decorated in a modern style, is located on a beautiful location on the outskirts of the capital city of BiH, beneath Mount Igman, in a very affordable place along the main road. The capacity of the restaurant is close to 300 seats.

What is specific to this restaurant is that it does not serve alcohol and that all food and drinks are controlled by HACCP standards.

The restaurant “Vrelo Bosne” is an ideal place for guests who want to enjoy a high quality palette of Bosnian dishes and drinks at affordable prices and in a pleasant ambience.

The restaurant offers a wide range of Bosnian specialties from small kebabs, shrimp, beans with dried meat, goulash, stuffed peppers and dishes on orders such as veal steak, veal beef steak, veal kebabs.

They also offer inevitable grilled dishes such as chicken grill, beefsteak, ramstek, sote strognoff, mixed meat, kebabs, kajmak burgers, veal stuffed steak, chicken with mushrooms, chicken steak, naturally chicken steak, as well as various salads , soup and soup.

The restaurant “Vrelo Bosne” provides for everyone, from a business lunch, dinner to a pleasant stay with the whole family. In this restaurant you can organize birthday parties and weddings, and for all restaurant guests, parking spaces are also provided.

This place is ideal for kids as the restaurant has a playroom equipped with lots of interesting content. The restaurant is adorned with a large fountain that looks relaxing and gives you a complete atmosphere during your stay.

For a pleasant home atmosphere, the friendly hosts and restaurant staff at the Magistrala 66 (Ilidza), along the main road towards Blažuj, were taken care of.