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Cable car in Mount Trebevic – Sarajevo

Sarajevo’s landmark cable car in Mount Trebevíc has resumed service, and it is expected to be a great addition to the city for visitors and residents alike. Closed in the 1990s when it was destroyed during the Bosnian War, it has 32 gondolas that run from the heart of Sarajevo to the top of the Trebević mountain, which was the venue for the bobsleigh course in the 1984 Winter Olympics.

The cable car was the symbol of the city of Sarajevo, a place of gathering and first love! It represents the most modern facility that Sarajevo will receive, and thousands of people will arrive faster and more economically to the “lungs of Sarajevo”

The gondolas are painted to reflect either the Bosnia and Hercegovina flag or the colours of the Olympics. The cable car will travel from the old town near Baščaršija to the pine forests of Trebević, where Sarajevans enjoyed walks, picnics and winter sports before the conflict. The nine-minute cable car journey Bosnian citizens will be paying the return ticket 6 KM, and foreigners 20 KM. Tickets in just one direction will cost 4 KM for Bosnians, and 15 KM for foreigners. Children under the age of 7 can use the cable car for free. Transporting pets will cost 6 KM for Bosnian citizens and 20 for the foreigners.

Mount Trebević (1629 m) is the natural backdrop of Sarajevo and one of Sarajevo’s most popular outing spots. With Sarajevo’s neighbourhoods on its slopes, it represents a unique harmony of urban and natural. Due to its peculiar vegetation, it once had the status of a national park.

Trebević is twenty minutes away from the city by car. On the way there, you can stop by the Vraca Park or the amusement park Sunnyland with adrenaline alpine roller- coaster as its main attraction.

Two well-known Sarajevo outing spots, Napretkov Dom and Hotel Pino Nature, are located in the central part of Trebević, surrounded by forest vegetation of conifers and a source of drinking water.