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Umoljani one of the oldest villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bjelašnica, as one of the most famous mountains near Sarajevo, hides so many beauties. One of the top destinations on this mountain is village Umoljani. With rich and specific history, its represents the real pearl of Bjelašnica.
Umoljani is one of the oldest villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The village was destroyed during the war, but by now much of it has been rebuilt. Located on height over than 1200 m, village Umoljani, with its natural beauties, is one of the most beautiful in the whole this area.

The „sign“ of this village is „Studeni potok“. The legend says that the monster (we call it in old bosnian language „aždaha“) came out from canyon of the river Rakitnica and wanted to eat people from Umoljani. On that road, moster left the winding trail. Nowdays, that trail is known like „Studeni potok“, because water is flowing through it and leaving breathtaking view for all visitors. On the hill near this village, visitors can see this monster in the rocks as a results of this legend.

On the entrance of the village, there is one of the oldest mosques in this area, which is on the list of the national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This mosque leaves no one indifferent with its specific history and special stone minaret. Near the mosque there is a stone necropolis and real paradise for the eyes and a rest for the soul – beautiful wood watermills. It is believed that Jewish book „Sarajevska hagada“ was protected here, in the basement of this mosque during World War II.

When you see the center of village, you won’t stay indifferent. You will feel the special positive energy and hospitality of people. In the Umoljani there are several destinations where you can relax and try a traditional bosnian food and you can also refresh yourself with natural and domestic juices. One of these places is the restaurant „Čardak“ where you can meet and talk to a person who grew up here, in Umoljani, so he can bring you all the beauty of this area.

When you visit this mountain jewel you will always want to return here, because village Umoljani hides so much beauties that you will feel like you are there for the first time. So, come, feel and breath this nature.