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National Park “Una”

The Una National Park extends along the valley of the Upper Una River valley, as well as the valley of the Unac River, the right tributaries of the Una River to the Krka River in the west. This region represents a unique natural entity in this part of Europe, very valuable for preserving the total landscape and biological diversity, and especially because of:

– the position at the border of three climatic areas;
– karstic forms and hydrographies, which together with the Korana and Krka basin are unique on a European scale;
– relief shapes that created one of the rare natural roads towards the Adriatic Sea;
– the mosaic of the habitat, the great diversity of plant and animal species, and the presence of relict and endemic species;

This area is also in the cultural and historical sense an area that abounds with the rich heritage of archaeological sites and historical monuments, and the special position of that area on the transit direction towards the sea has been brought to it in the past under the influence of many cultures, from where rich archeological sites, remains of medieval fortifications and sacred objects of different faiths and cultures. The area of ​​the National Park is located in the westernmost part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the area of ​​the municipality of Bihać and belongs to the Una-Korana plateau, and includes the valleys of the Una and the Una and the orographic slopes of Plješivica and Grmeča, respectively Osječenice. The property for the river Una is a distinct length of its (Sedimentary caves, travertine islands, barriers and waterfalls), and with exceptional forms of basins (Martin Brod, Kulen Vakuf, Klisa, Lohovo) and the canyon-like canyon, upstream and downstream of Martin Brod, and downstream of Štrbački Buk.

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